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O’Farrell and ESG: CADER (Argentine Chamber of Renewable Energies)

We have always been on the forefront of the most important energy law firms, and this extends to the field of renewable energies.

Aware of the transformation that our clients in the traditional energy sector must undergo, and as a natural evolution of our practice, O’Farrell has decided not only to be at the forefront in regulatory matters related to renewable energies, but also decided to go further and be an active part of this energy transformation, participating in different organizations that lead the way in the field of Renewable Energies.

One of O’Farrell partners, Agustín Siboldi -an enthusiastic follower and student of the energetic transition regulatory impact- has been secretary and is currently a member of the board of CADER – Argentine Chamber of Renewable Energies, where he has promoted projects and legislation related to different aspects of ESG, and where he was deeply involved in the amendments of its bylaws and in the association of YPF Luz, Panamerican Energy, Total Eren, amongst others.

Siboldi is co- author of a renewable energy law draft jointly with the Instituto Argentina de la Energía General Mosconi, and a book published after the enactment of the current renewable law in 2015.

About CADER:

CADER is a non-profit association aimed at promoting the sustainable development of the energy market from renewable sources, including bioenergy, wind power, solar power, geothermal power, small hydroelectric plants, tidal power, and wave power.

Founded in 2008, CADER is a reference in the industry of renewable energy in Argentina, and it acts as a coordination and interaction body among a wide spectrum of actors: country authorities, business community, society, trade unions, academic institutions. It is a key player which enables the dialog for the current and future development of power enterprises.

Among other actions carried out by our partners, we highlight:

Opportunities for the development of green hydrogen in Argentina and its contribution in the acceleration of the energy transition.

Renewable Energies in Argentina. Challenges and opportunities in the context of the global energy transition.

Dialogue for the construction of the Argentine energy future.

Technical and economic evaluation of priority expansions to increase the injection capacity of renewable energies in the National Electricity Transmission System