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Chambers Latin America Guide 2024

Una vez más, nuestra firma, fue reconocida por Chambers & Partners en su ranking anual Chambers Latin America. Este año, 7 de nuestras Áreas de Práctica y 11 de nuestros socios fueron reconocidos por su trabajo:

  • Energy and Natural Resources: Power 

«O’Farrell’s energy team is one of the most specialised and a top law firm in Argentina. They have in-depth knowledge of current regulatory issues and an excellent ability to address.»

    • Abogados reconocidos:

Uriel O’Farrell 

«Uriel O’Farrell is a great leader. He has a wide range of professional experience which provides him with a comprehensive view of legal matters, including the commercial aspects.»

Agustín Siboldi 

«Agustín Siboldi is an excellent professional who accompanies the client and provides a clear and quality advice. He offers a very good service.»

Agustina Fanelli Evans 

«Agustina Fanelli Evans is very skilled and provides in-depth analysis of complex legal matters.»

  • Tax 

«O’Farrell has highly experienced and well-known professionals in the tax sector. They know how to frame each case to achieve a successful outcome and have a practical vision, always aimed at achieving the objectives in the most efficient way for the client.»

    • Abogados reconocidos:

Miguel Tesón 

«Miguel Alejandro Máximo Tesón is an experienced professional, who understands in detail the Argentine judicial apparatus, knowing how to address each issue to achieve success.»

Guillermo Lalanne 

«Guillermo Lalanne is an excellent professional, who is honest and committed to the issues of his client.»

Valeria Estathio 

«Valeria Estathio knows topics in great depth and always brings an interesting vision to the debate.»

María Celina Valls 

«María Celina Valls is a very experienced professional.»


  • TMT 

«The team at O’Farrell shows extensive knowledge on the topics consulted on, generating trust and credibility. The level and quality of service provided corresponded to the needs of our company.»

    • Abogado reconocido:

Agustín Siboldi 

«Agustín Siboldi is a professional of excellence and I fully trust in his ability to solve the questions raised. He has strong experience, which allows him not only to solve the query in question, but to collaborate with interesting contributions that enrich the quality of response.»

  • Labour & Employment 

«O’Farrell is a strategic partner for the company. They know the reality of the market and the industry and how the business works, which is very important for us.»

    • Abogados reconocidos:

José Luis Zapata 

«José Luis Zapata is the leader of the team and an excellent professional who provides experience and security.»

Ignacio Castiglione 

«Ignacio Castiglione is an excellent professional who has extensive knowledge of individual and collective labour law.»

  • Public Law

«The team at O’Farrell has a great commercial vision and is very practical. They provide quick support as well as good follow-up on issues.»

    • Abogado reconocido:

Jorge Muratorio 

«Jorge Muratorio is undoubtedly one of the most important public law specialists in Argentina. He understands the needs of his clients very well.»

  • Banking & Finance 

«O’Farrell is an excellent and very professional team, who offers a high level of responsiveness.»

    • Abogado reconocido:

Sebastián Luegmayer

«Sebastián Luegmayer is an excellent professional and a real pleasure to work with.»

  • Competition/Antitrust
    • Abogado reconocido:

Agustín Siboldi 

«Agustín Siboldi is a great leader, who has in-depth deep knowledge and a high standard of sophistication in competition matters.»

  • Energy and Natural Resources: Oil & Gas
    • Abogado reconocido:

Uriel O’Farrell 

“Uriel O’Farrell regularly handles a range of transactional and regulatory mandates in the Argentine oil and gas sector. He plays a central role at the firm advising clients on offshore exploration as well as bidding processes.”

  • Corporate/M&A 

«We are very satisfied with the service provided by O’Farrell. The team stands out for its ability to propose alternative solutions, and in a timely manner.»