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Information and Communications Technology Services. ENACOM introduced changes to the Universal Service regime.

By means of Resolution 2226/2022 (B.O. 11/30/2022), ENACOM introduced changes in the Universal Service regime.

Due to the objectives of the “ROBERTO ARIAS PROGRAM” and the time elapsed since its implementation, the ENACOM considers that it is appropriate to update the maximum amounts established for the financing of the projects awarded under its regulatory framework so that they correspond to the costs of the materials required for their execution.

Therefore, Resolution 2226/2022 establishes that the minimum amount to be financed under the Program will be PESOS THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND ($300,000) and the maximum amount will be PESOS THIRTY MILLION ($30,000,000) per project, in order to ensure that the financing ceilings maintain a reasonable relationship with the value of the inputs.

Access the complete text of the Resolution here. 

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