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Plan for the Promotion of the Production of Argentine Natural Gas. Period 2023-2028

Through Decree of Necessity and Urgency No. 730/2022 (B.O. 11/04/2022, with the same hierarchy of a law; National Constitution, art. 99, par. 3), the National Executive Power approved the Reinsurance Plan and promotion of federal hydrocarbon production, internal self-sufficiency, exports, import substitution and expansion of the transportation system for all the hydrocarbon basins of the country for the period 2023-2028, (“Reinsurance Plan”) that will integrate the PLAN FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE PRODUCTION OF NATURAL ARGENTINE GAS (Plan Gas.Ar) that was approved by Decree No. 892/20.

The approval of the Reinsurance Plan scheme was since the start-up of new investment projects in gas production and infrastructure requires a minimum temporary development, to achieve an increase in natural gas injections with the forecasted horizon for the beginning of the next winter seasonal period and the optimal results that can be achieved from the joint action of the public sector and the private sector.

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