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Overindebted Consumer: The National Directorate of Consumer Defense and Consumer Arbitration Approved the Rules of Procedure.

By means of Provision No. 11/2023 (hereinafter “Provision 11/23” or “the Provision”), of the National Directorate of Consumer Defense and Consumer Arbitration (hereinafter DNDCyAC) under the Ministry of Economy, published in the Official Gazette on July 14, 2023, the Regulations for the Prevention and Solution of Consumer Over-indebtedness (hereinafter “the Regulations”) have been approved.

The purpose of the Regulation is to contribute as technical advice for the over-indebtedness problems processed before the System of Prior Conciliation in Consumer Relations (COPREC) and/or before the National System of Consumer Arbitration (SNAC); to facilitate conciliatory agreements; to enable the issuance of preventive measures; to allow the DNDCyAC to have access to information on specific problems, as well as to detect systematic or serious non-compliance by suppliers and to provide the corresponding measures. In turn, its purpose is to establish the cases that require assistance or direct follow-up, or to offer legal counsel when the consumer does not have it, to disseminate comparative reports on suppliers and products or services offered and marketed; to monitor interest rates, charges and concepts applied in credit or financing operations; among others.

Access the complete text of the Provision here.

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