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Electricity distribution service

Through resolutions ENRE Nº 240/2023 and ENRE Nº 241/2023, the Ente Nacional Regulador de la Electricidad (hereinafter ENRE) published the tariff charts of EDENOR and EDESUR for 2023.

The increase in electricity tariffs will be of 60% for residential users in two tranches scheduled for April and June of this year. In the case of General Tariff users for non-residential use, there will be an average increase of 34% in April and another 34% in June.

Also, the ENRE ordered EDENOR and EDESUR to submit the investment plan for 2023, with the necessary works for the expansion and improvement of the electric network, in order to guarantee the normal provision of the electric service for all users.

Natural gas distribution service

On the other hand, Res. ENARGAS 97 – 98 – 99 – 100 – 101 – 102 – 103 – 104 – 105 – 106/2023 approved the tariff charts of METROGAS, CAMUZZI, GAS NEA, LITORAL GAS, GASNOR, GAS DEL CENTRO, CUYANA, NATURGY, REDENGAS respectively.

The increase will be 28% in the price of gas, with a variable impact on the final tariff of 15% on average.

The percentage varies according to the tariff segmentation by economic capacity of the users: 21% average for Level 1 users (high income) and 19% for Level 3 (medium income, depending on whether or not the corresponding consumption cap is exceeded). Meanwhile, Level 2 users (low income) will not have an increase.

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