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The Tariff Charts to be Applied for Residential Users Level 1 and Other Tariff Categories by the Companies EDENOR S.A and EDESUR S.A Are Approved.

Last November 6, Resolutions No. 783/2023 and No. 784/2023 of the Ente Nacional Regulador de la Electricidad were published in the Official Gazette, approving the tariff charts to be applied for residential users Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 of Empresa Distribuidora y Comercializadora Norte Sociedad Anónima on the one hand, and Empresa Distribuidora Sur Sociedad Anónima on the other hand. They will be applied as from the zero hour (00.00 hs) of November 1, 2023.

Access the complete texts of the Resolutions here:

Resolution  784/2023

Resolution 783/2023

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