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Data Protection


Our data protection and information privacy team provides legal advice on intellectual property aspects related to new technologies. Our clients, which include domestic and international businesses, rely on our attorneys´ experience with respect to their strategies on information safety, privacy and protection of personal data.

Fully conversant with legal issues and new technologies, they work in close cooperation with businesses from all sectors on compliance with the laws and the regulatory framework applicable to data protection



  • Providing auditing services and legal advice on matters concerning data protection, personal information privacy, recording of databases and international transfers of personal data, legal aspects about cryptography and information safety.PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION
  • Drafting and negotiating technology transfer agreements, cloud services offerings and agreements for IT services outsourcingPERSONAL DATA PROTECTION
  • Representing clients in proceedings for regulatory compliance before domestic and international bodiesPERSONAL DATA PROTECTION
  • Providing strategic advice on liability for servers, search engines, website owners, social networks or domain namesINFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES AND E-COMMERCE
  • Providing advice on terms and conditions of websites and social networks policiesINFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES AND E-COMMERCE
  • Assisting clients in the implementation of privacy policies and amendments theretoINFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES AND E-COMMERCE
  • Advising on licensing, recording and protection of software and mobile appsINFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES AND E-COMMERCE
  • Monitoring the online offer of counterfeit products (notice & take-down proceedings)INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES AND E-COMMERCE
  • Recording and recovery procedures for Domain NamesINFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES AND E-COMMERCE