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Chambers Global Legal Guide 2023

We are glad to share the results of our firm in Chambers Global Legal Guide 2023:


Band 2

Ranked lawyers:

Miguel Alejandro Máximo Tesón continues to garner praise from interviewees for his technical and commercial skills in this field. One interviewee notes: “He has outstanding business acumen and very strong client service.”

He comes highly recommended by interviewees, with one reporting: “Guillermo Lalanne has an outstanding provincial tax knowledge.” Another respondent adds: “He is a very good and highly technical lawyer with a strong academic profile.”

Well-regarded partner Valeria Estathio continues to receive strong recognition from interviewees, with one noting: “She has a broad knowledge of corporate income tax matters.” Another impressed observer adds: “Valeria Estathio handles highly complex tax planning mandates.”

Dynamic partner ascends into the numbered bands for the first time this year after eliciting ample praise from interviewees, with one stating: “She is an excellent lawyer who has a strong practice in the contentious tax arena.” Another respondent adds: “María Celina Valls is a very reliable professional.”


Band 4

Ranked lawyer:

Sebastián Luegmayer – Band 4

Sebastián Luegmayer is well versed in handling financial derivatives transactions. An impressed respondent states: “To my mind, he is one of the few lawyers in Argentina with a broad knowledge of the legislation dealing with derivatives.” Another impressed observer adds: “Sebastián Luegmayer provides an excellent service and is an expert in this area.”



Band 4


Band 4