History: determination to continue

Over a century has passed since the creation of Estudio O´Farrell. In 1883, a buoyant and vigorous Argentine Republic witnessed the birth of what is today the firm with the longest track record in the century.
Several historical documents evidence the peculiarity of its founder, Santiago Gregorio O'Farrell, whose example and dedication left an indelibly mark in the history of the firm.
Its founder, Santiago G. O'Farrell had a prominent community service record, having acted as political leader and legislator. As to professional practice, he was recognized by his qualities as legal scholar, speaker, educator, writer and humanist, but even more important was his recognition as a man of wise and sound advice.

 To the rhythm of the Argentine economic growth


Through the decades, our firm has always had an active participation in the most important productive investments and also supporting the farming activity, being the most important role of the progress of the Nation.

 Always ready to face new challenges


Times of continuous growth have set out new challenges and strengthen a team of more than 100 lawyers specialized in all the disciplines of business law, also providing legal advice in the litigation, administrative and judicial areas.

A complete proposal

The firm is characterized by a streamlined approach, integrating the different practice areas of law and the best legal answers. A path which implies combining creativity and a thorough analysis with open-mindness and intelligence in order to accurately define the position and the goals we aimed at.

Team work, the complete coverage of the different areas of practice we deal with, and the understanding of the business, are the qualities acquired by the continuous training and the academic activities offered to our professionals of the firm. We can offer invaluable legal advice with the experience acquired over a century and the firm´s many practice areas.

The combination of values gained in the past together with the professional strength and the soundness of the present time constitute the great institutional wealth. This qualities place our firm with a strong image of tradition and vanguard, all of which is an inspiration of trust and provided with the necessary qualities and resources to offer the best legal services.